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This is the most accurate information that we are able to provide for you concerning the installation and removal dates of the cables that provide access to the top of Half Dome.

Picture of Half Dome taken from Glacier Point

As quoted from a representative of the National Park Service:

"The typical or target dates for the cables are to have them up for Memorial Weekend and to have them taken down immediately following Columbus Day.  So, in theory, the cables go up by Friday of Memorial Weekend and come down on Tuesday after Columbus Day.  The dates are approximate and can vary based on conditions and on availability of the trail crew (they have other projects they work on and the timing doesn't always work out perfectly).

October 15th is the date by which the park is generally prepared for winter--that's also the date after which overnight parking is no longer permitted on the Tioga or Glacier Point Roads."

Permits are now required Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and on all Federal holidays during hiking season.  CABLE PERMIT LINK

Trail Information

This is the link to the NPS Current Trail Conditions web page
which includes Half Dome Cable Updates:

If you need to contact Yosemite National Park,
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